VoltAero’s universal mobile charger for electric aircraft, including the Cassio 330, has been unveiled at the Dubai Airshow.

This charging unit is part of VoltAero’s strategy to create the infrastructure for its Cassio family, which begins with the five-seat Cassio 330.

The charger also will be offered for applications with other e-aircraft and eVTOLs.

Capable of delivering energy to recharge the Cassio 330 in approximately 30 minutes, the charger uses a combination of supercapacitors and batteries for a power output of 100 kw.

As part of the unit’s “intelligence,” it can be programmed for autonomous deployment to a designated location at an airport or landing zone for aircraft recharging.

“This latest development underscores how VoltAero and its partners already are taking steps beyond our development of the breakthrough Cassio family to evolve an optimized infrastructure that will support the e-aircraft sector,” said Jean Botti, VoltAero’s CEO and chief technology officer.

VoltAero’s Cassio 330

VoltAero’s Cassio family will be a highly capable and reliable aircraft product line for regional commercial operators, air taxi/charter companies, private owners, as well as in utility-category service for cargo, postal delivery and medical evacuation (Medevac) applications.

By integrating VoltAero’s patented electric-hybrid propulsion system into the company’s purpose-designed airframe, Cassio will deliver high performance and lower operational costs.

Cassio aircraft will use an electric motor in the aft fuselage-mounted hybrid propulsion unit for all-electric power during taxi, takeoff, primary flight (if the distance traveled is less than 150 km.), and landing.

The hybrid feature – with the internal combustion engine – comes into play as a range extender, recharging the batteries while in flight. Additionally, this hybrid element serves as a backup in the event of a problem with the electric propulsion, ensuring fail-safe functionality.
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