VoltAero will debut its Cassio 330 electric-hybrid aircraft for the first time in North America at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, taking place on 24-30 July.

The company’s CEO and chief technology officer Jean Botti will present the new aircraft during an exclusive press conference on 25 July, where he will also outline the company’s roadmap for the development and production of the Cassio aircraft family.

The US debut comes just weeks after VoltAero unveiled its first Cassio 330 prototype at Paris Air Show in June (pictured), where the company delivered “on its promise to take an all-new approach for quiet, efficient and eco-friendly transportation that is based on a hybrid design combining thermal and electric propulsion for maximum flight safety,” according Botti.

Cassio 330

The Cassio 330 displayed at Oshkosh is equipped with a typical passenger interior and incorporates Avidyne’s new-generation Quantum avionics, marking the first application of its new-generation 14-inch dual PFD/MFD (Primary Flight Display/Multi-function Display) configuration as part of Avidyne’s exclusive agreement with VoltAero to develop and supply the Cassio 330’s avionics.

Additionally, Kawasaki – which is VoltAero’s newest strategic investor – is unveiling the hydrogen-powered 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder versions of its high-performance thermal engines. They are being developed to power future Cassio aircraft versions and represent a key element in Kawasaki’s roadmap to enter the general aviation market.

According to VoltAero, the Cassio is a truly unique general aviation airplane with patented electric-hybrid propulsion for safe, quiet, efficient and eco-friendly flight.

Cassio 330 is the first in a family of all-new 5-12-seat aircraft that are tailored for applications that include air taxi/charter, commercial flights, utility-category (cargo, postal delivery, Medevac) and private ownership. They share significant commonality as the result of VoltAero’s modular design strategy.

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