Volocopter, a pioneer in urban air mobility (UAM), has successfully conducted a multi-day flight test campaign with a crewed 2X aircraft in the Japanese cities of Osaka and Amagasaki.

This week-long testing campaign signifies the completion of the first steps of local flight testing to acclimate the crew, communications tools, and flight test procedures in preparation for the 2025 World Exposition, Osaka Kansai EXPO.

The 500-day countdown to the 2025 EXPO has begun, and Volocopter says it remains committed to flying at this international exhibition with its commercial air taxi, the VoloCity.

The purpose of these flights was two-fold: to test aircraft operations under conditions like those expected during the EXPO and to accelerate the public awareness of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft in Japan.

Local guests, including the Osaka governor, Osaka City mayor, prefectorial representatives, city officials, partners, and media, witnessed the final flight test day event, co-hosted by Sumitomo Corporation, Volocopter’s strategic partner and investor in Japan.

In addition, over 200 local primary and secondary school students joined a Q&A session with guests around the innovative eVTOL aircraft technology.

Successful flight operations at the 2025 EXPO require preparation time and assessment on the ground. These flight tests were conducted at the Osaka Heliport in proximity to the planned 2025 EXPO pavilion location in Osaka Bay.

This locational advantage gives insight and data into how Volocopter could shape eVTOL operations when the exhibition starts.

Working with local authorities such as the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB), local air traffic controllers, and infrastructure owners now will aid in a faster transition from testing to the industry’s commercial future, as well as for the VoloCity in 2025 EXPO.

Hirofumi Yoshimura, Governor of Osaka Prefecture, said: “I am very happy that I witnessed Volocopter’s test flight up close alongside hundreds of excited students and so close to the site of the 2025 EXPO. The 2X did not disappoint, with a stable and incredibly quiet flight. I have great expectations for eVTOLs, and with the help of Hyogo and other neighboring prefectures, we will push forward to make the EXPO a success to support the future of the industry beyond 2025.”

“Seeing the children’s faces light up when the Volocopter took to the air was the absolute highlight of the day,” said Christian Bauer, MD of Volocopter. “As a novel technology, public awareness of eVTOLs and the creation of the UAM ecosystem are where we need to focus for Japan. Volocopter and partners are preparing early for the 2025 Expo to have the advanced know-how to operate our eVTOLs seamlessly when the time comes.”
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