The acquisition by Viasat, a global communications company, of Inmarsat will bring “amazing capabilities”, said Craig Miller, president of government systems at Viasat.

The combined company will enhance the scale and scope to continue to drive growth in the increasingly competitive satellite communications industry.

The company’s assets, once fully integrated, are expected to increase the pace and scope of innovation in the global satellite connectivity sector, offering new and improved capabilities to customers that will address the ever-increasing speed, flexibility, reliability, coverage and security they demand.

Complementary companies

Speaking at Space-Comm Expo 2023, Miller said: “We are really excited about the completion of the acquisition of Inmarsat. We’ve been working towards this for over 18 months now, since the two companies agreed to come together. And this is a really exciting time because we think that ViaSat and Inmarsat are extremely complementary companies and together we’re gonna bring some really great capabilities.

“Inmarsat has a very long history of success in maritime and scale delivery of mobility services internationally to hundreds of companies around the world. ViaSat has been immensely successful in the United States in providing, for example, commercial air services and Wi-Fi services to 1,000s of aircraft in the United States. And with the launch of the ViaSat3 constellation, the coming together, the depth of Viasat’s capacity and the breadth of Inmarsat’s capacity and worldwide capabilities.

“We think that it’s such a harmonious mix of companies that we’re going to bring amazing capabilities to the world in all domains; land, sea, air, space, and immense connectivity and bringing people together through our connectivity in ways that neither company could individually. It truly is an example of one plus one equals three as these companies come together.”

The combined company will continue to be led by Mark Dankberg as Chairman and CEO and Guru Gowrappan as President. Viasat also reconfirmed that its new global international business headquarters will be in London. Corporate headquarters will continue to be in Carlsbad, California. Further decisions regarding organisational structure and leadership will be determined as part of the ongoing integration process.
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