The dawn of AI and technology is well and truly with us and is particularly useful when it comes to aeronautical engineering, according to Pierre-Emmanuel Dumouchel, founder of Dessia.

“We have built a fabulous framework that is able to help the engineer to structure their knowledge and then to activate it with what we call an ‘engineering bot’,” he explained to FINN.

Launched in Paris five years ago, the company uses its background in the automotive industry to help aeronautical manufacturers to automate complex tasks and processes using AI. “We have a big focus on the digitalisation of engineering. In the last 40 years, people have used some classic software to digitalise their drawings. Today is the next revolution where people try to digitalise and automate their processes in engineering,” Dumouchel said. “People are using interested in using a bot if the bot is able to automate some repetitive tasks and give them more time to imagine the next evolution of their product, for example hydrogen propulsion for aeronautical manufacturers.”

The system also enables engineers to explain their decisions when it comes to selecting one component over another, according to Dumouchel. “It is really important for aeronautical engineers to explain their choices on a ‘decision tree’ and to explain step after step why they chose this solution and not another one for the certification aspect,” he added.
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