Urva Aviation has been appointed exclusive dealer for sale and service in Florida by Tecnam Aircraft. The company, which is part of X-Flight Aeronautical Solutions Group, was created to specifically manage the Tecnam business.

Urva Aviation

“The alliance with Tecnam, one of the most important aircraft manufacturers globally, empowers us and elevates us as a company, providing us with knowledge, relationships, opening up to new markets and brand capital,” said Hugo Diego Ursella, managing director, Urva Aviation.

According to Tecnam, its fleet offers the best efficiency, latest certifications and low CO2 emissions, with one recent study showing that flight schools operating Tecnam single and twin-engine fleets can reduce emissions by up to 60%. Urva Aviation will be offering all models of Tecnam aircraft to its customers.

“Having Urva Aviation on board with Tecnam is key to supporting our growth within the United States and support of our existing customers throughout their territory,” commented David Copeland, director of sales for Tecnam.

X-Flight Aeronautical Solutions group has more than 10 years experience in the aviation industry and has bases throughout Argentina and, since 2021, in Pompano Beach Airpark, FL.

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