Raytheon has completed a successful flight test of an updated AMRAAM-Extended Range air defence missile variant from a National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System (NASAMS).

According to Raytheon, this latest AMRAAM-ER variant is a first-of-its-kind configuration incorporating the guidance section of the AIM-120 C-8. It also incorporates a more robust 10-inch rocket motor from Nammo and a 10-inch Control Actuator System, from Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, branded the Norwegian Propulsion Stack, for which the Norwegian MoD has been a collaborative partner.

“Integrating this new technology into the AMRAAM-ER ensures the advanced capabilities of the surface-launched munition for many years to come,” said Paul Ferraro, president of Air & Space Defense Systems at Raytheon. “Agile software upgrades will continue to advance AMRAAM to stay ahead of evolving threats.”

The testing included a test firing, during which the missile flew a preprogramed flight path to verify safe egress from the NASAMS launcher and missile performance.

The AMRAAM-ER is designed to be integrated with the NASAMS launcher for increased air defense protection, intercepting targets with increased range and altitude of a non-extended range AMRAAM.

NASAMS, a highly adaptable medium-range air defense solution, is jointly developed and produced by Raytheon and Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace.
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