New York Times verifies security camera footage which shows passenger jet was struck by second missile fired from Iranian military base

The New York Times has said it has verified security footage that shows Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752 was struck by two missiles fired from an Iranian military site.

The missile struck the plane shortly after it took off from Tehran en route to Ukrainian capital of Kiev, killing all 176 on board.

The latest footage appears to explain why the B737-800’s transponder had stopped working before the strike as it had been hit by a previous missile. The video appears to confirm that the second strike hit the plane around 20 seconds after the transponder had stopped working.

The paper located the latest footage released to a camera which was positioned on a building roof near the village of Bidkaneh, four miles from an Iranian military site.

The BBC has reported that Iran has arrested the person who filmed initial footage showing the Ukrainian passenger plane being shot down by a missile. It is believed the person being detained will face charges related to national security.

Arrests made by Iranian authorities

A number of arrests have been made in relation to the crash. President Hassan Rouhani said his country’s investigation would be overseen by a “special court” and has stressed that the “tragic event” should not be blamed on one individual.

But the BBC has also reported that the Iranian journalist based in London who initially posted the footage has insisted that his source is safe, and that the Iranian authorities have arrested the wrong person.

Anti-government protests followed the admission by the government that Ukraine International Airlines flight 752 was downed by an Iranian missile.

Officials initially denied that the plane had been shot down for three days before admitting liability on Saturday following a growing body of evidence which identified an strike, likely accidental, by a Iranian surface-to-air missile.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani apologised, calling the downing a “disastrous mistake.” A leading Revolutionary Guard commander added to public anger by disclosing that he had told the authorities on the day of the crash that the plane had been struck by an Iranian missile.
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