The UK aerospace sector is leading the way when it comes to “new disruptive technology” that will help the industry achieve its sustainability targets, said UK government minister Nusrat Ghani.

Speaking at the Paris Air Show 2023, the Minister of State at the Department for Business and Trade, Minister of State for the Investment Security Unit, and Minister for Industry and Economic Security, told FINN: “The [UK aerospace sector] have been the leading lights when it comes to achieving new disruptive technology to enable us to reach our national and of course international targets of net zero, or Jet Zero as we see it.

“In the UK, we’ve got this phenomenal ecosystem where we’re using innovative tech, not only to deal with supply chains or data, but also in how we are going to achieve the next level of fuel, how we’re going to commercialise this. We know by the projects we’ve invested previously, that every penny we invest, we get more back, IP stays here, jobs stay here.

“When we chair national and international board meetings when it comes to aviation, we can talk as leaders because we’ve got some of the answers to some of the most complicated solutions when it comes to aviation.”

Jet Zero

The Jet Zero strategy focuses on the rapid development of technologies in a way that maintains the benefits of air travel whilst maximising the opportunities that decarbonisation can bring to the UK.

The Jet Zero strategy includes a 5-year delivery plan, setting out the actions that will need to be taken in the coming years to support the delivery of net zero aviation by 2050. The government will be monitoring progress and reviewing and updating its strategy every 5 years.

The strategy was informed by over 1,500 responses to the Jet Zero consultation and the Jet Zero further technical consultation.
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