TRIUMPH has announced that its product support business in Grand Prairie, Texas recently received multiple environmental awards from the City of Grand Prairie.

TRIUMPH received the 2022-2023 Pretreatment 100% Compliance Award, an award that acknowledges their compliance with the city’s wastewater pretreatment and environmental requirements.

Along with receiving the 2022-2023 award, TRIUMPH was recognised for their achievement for winning the Pretreatment 100% Compliance Award for the last five years.

The site was also recognised for participation in the annual North Texas Clean Air Challenge. In support of the challenge, the site completed an education campaign that included communications, lunch-and-learn programs and company-wide communications on how employees can take action to reduce air pollution.

Employees committed to the Clean Air Action Pledge and clean air initiatives, including employee carpooling and signing up to receive air pollution alerts from Air North Texas, encouraging greater awareness of behaviours that impact the quality of the air and other environmental factors.

The city of Grand Prairie partnered with Air North Texas, a non-profit organisation through the North Central Texas Council of Governments, to promote a consistent air quality message and increase public awareness in an effort to reduce emissions. TRIUMPH along with other local companies participated in the challenge to reduce air pollution.

“These awards are just one example of the dedication we have to improving our overall environmental standards in the Dallas-Fort Worth area,” said Jim Berberet, president of TRIUMPH Product Support.

“These efforts extend beyond the local community, contributing to TRIUMPH’s larger commitment to environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG). In particular, the pretreatment compliance and Clean Air Action Pledge align with our corporate goals related to ESG risk management and the reduction of wastewater effluent and air emissions.”Subscribe to the FINN weekly newsletter