We interview Tim Peake, European Space Agency Astronaut.

In 2016, Peake completed the 186-day Principia mission on the International Space Station.

Here at Futures Day at Farnborough Airshow, we asked Peake the burning questions that people are most intrigued about: What happens when you sweat in space? What about going to the bathroom? What is the most scary aspect of being in space? How does the reality of being on the space station compare to the training? Watch the full interview for his answers.

Futures in space

Futures Day aims to inspire young people to explore where a career in aerospace could take them.

Peake called Futures Day one of the most important days of the airshow and highlighted that careers in space are achievable.

“More so than ever we’re taking astronauts that come from very diverse backgrounds,” he said. “You can be an engineer, a scientist, a medical doctor. We have schoolteachers who have become astronauts. There are a variety of different careers.”

You just have to be passionate about it and good at what you do, he noted.

He commented: “[Even] your worst day in space is a brilliant day.”

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