Beyond Aero is developing the first low-carbon private jet seating up to eight passengers and powered by hydrogen-electric propulsion.

Eloa Guillotin, co-founder and CEO, said the aircraft will have a range of 800 nautical miles (1,500 km) and will carry several hydrogen storage tanks along with hybrid fuel cells.

Beyond Aero, founded in 2020, has redesigned the aircraft architecture and developed an innovative thermal management system.

Guillotin said: “The key is to cool down the fuel cells and to have a special place for the tanks. What Beyond Aero is doing is to rethink the aircraft architecture.”

Greener private jet

Beyond Aero has confirmed market interest with letters of intent totalling $580m.

The company recently completed the design of an 85 kW aircraft propulsion system – the most powerful in the European Union – at its Francazal airport site.

This technology represents a significant breakthrough in aviation, offering a greener, more efficient alternative to traditional aircraft.

She added: ”We start with the main, big business airport, so you have London, Paris, Geneva, Nice, Berlin, Milan – the European market first, big airports first, and then we will scale to smaller airports.”
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