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As part of an ongoing effort to deepen ties between China and Arab partners, Riyadh and Beijing are stepping up efforts to improve air connectivity between these fast-developing economies.

At the recently held Arab-China Business Conference in Riyadh, attendees from China and the Arab world explored new avenues for collaboration to unlock the potential of shared business between these exciting markets, particularly also in air connectivity.

Strong links

Celebrating its 10th year, the conference brought together leading government officials, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and investors. Establishing stronger air links to foster tourism growth and unlock new opportunities was a hot-button topic at the event, with ACP’s booth forming part of the Ministry of Tourism’s efforts to draw attraction to the high-potential travel and tourism industries in the Kingdom.

“In line with Vision 2030 and the ambitions of the National Tourism Strategy, ACP is bridging the stakeholder ecosystem to establish Saudi Arabia as a leading global tourism destination. Chinese visitors will, indeed, play a key role in achieving this ambition,” said Ali Rajab CEO of ACP.

He added, “By ensuring that our customer service and operational readiness meet the high standards that Chinese visitors expect, ACP is creating a seamless travel experience between China and the Kingdom. For these travellers, like all others to Saudi Arabia, we prioritise cultural understanding and the highest levels of quality assurance.”

Saudi Arabia’s travel and tourism leaders, including stakeholders such as ACP, are actively working to turn the Kingdom into a sought-after air connectivity destination. In the past year, the Kingdom saw 23 new routes connected to Saudi Arabia from three continents, resulting in an expansion of seat capacity by 700,000. Likewise, several partnerships have been established with government bodies within the Kingdom, as well as international collaborations with both national and foreign airlines to boost air connectivity in Saudi Arabia. As part of these efforts, in 2023, a further 17 new routes will be added, and seat capacity will be expanded to 730,000 for priority markets.

Saudi Arabia’s central geographic location and diversifying economy are expected to attract continued interest from Chinese businesses after the Arab-China Business Conference. The prospect of enhanced air connectivity between the Kingdom and China will be an added advantage for future relations between the two countries.

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