Instituto Dominicano de Aviación Civil, the Dominican Republic air services navigation provider, has awarded a contract to Thales for a fifth Air Traffic Control Radar.

The co-mounted​ STAR NG (Primary Surveillance Radar) and RSM NG (Secondary Surveillance Radar) will be installated the Cibao International Airport.

The co-mounted air traffic radar system ​ – STAR NG (Primary Surveillance Radar) and the latest RSM NG (Secondary Surveillance Radar) represent the latest in technical excellence, offering the highest levels of detection performance, reliability, and cybersecurity to meet IDAC’ surveillance needs and ​ ensure passenger safety. ​

The RSM NG – Thales’ latest secondary radar is a unique meta-sensor ensuring the quality, integrity and availability of data provided to Air Traffic Controllers, contributing to the aircraft’s 3 NM separation standards.

The RSM NG combines ADS-B and radar (Mode S) data for faster track initialisation providing higher-quality information with reliability.

The radar can track up to 2,000 flight tracks and share 64 data outputs simultaneously to different air traffic centres.
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