A Boeing 737-300 Freighter belonging to Texel Air Bahrain arrived in Auckland New Zealand on Friday 31 March to operate charter services for Parceline Express a subsidiary of Freightways NZ and New Zealand Post.

The aircraft will fly the Auckland – Christchurch – Auckland route.

Texel Air Bahrain will continue the charter services until Texel Air NZ Ltd commences operations with their B737-800BFC in May this year on the same route.

Texel Air

Texel Air Bahrain is a cargo airline and ACMI operator based in the Middle East, which was formed by New Zealander, John Chisholm in 2013. Texel Air Bahrain current operates 2 x B737-700 FlexCombi and 2 x B737-800BCF aircraft and the B737-300F from Bahrain International Airport.

Texel Air is the world’s only commercial operator of the B737-700FlexCombi, which can be configured to carry cargo and passengers simultaneously.

George Chisholm, CEO of Chisholm Enterprises, the parent company of Texel air, said the aircraft was both efficient and flexible.

“Years of research, discussions with partners and consideration internally have come to fruition with our two B737-700FlexCombi,” he said previously.

“Now we are seeing first-hand the reality of this aircraft’s capabilities being able to meet and deliver our customer’s various needs providing them possibilities they have never seen before.

“It has been especially crucial for our business to have such flexibility during the pandemic. We have been able to switch our configurations of the B737-700FlexCombi to the changing needs of the global environment.”


The B737-700FlexCombi can be morphed into seven different configurations to suit many operational requirements.

In addition, the aircraft has an extensive list of modifications and upgrades to support military, government and utility flying.

Texel Air has also invested in its horse charter ability with the purchase of HAY Horse Stalls from VRR in the Netherlands.

HAY Horse Stalls are heavy-duty non-collapsible stalls allowing up to three horses to be transported per stall.
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