A survey carried out by British Airways has revealed the different personas travellers take on when they get to airports around the world.

Some 54% of customers passing through an airport say they adopt a new identity to make the journey more bearable, the survey found.

Travellers from the East Midlands are the most organised and likely to take charge as what the survey dubbed an ‘Airport Ace’.

Whereas Northern Irish holidaymakers (22%) more likely to be ‘Airport Athletes’, treating travelling through the airport as a competitive sport, trying to get on and off the plane first.

Just over half (55%) of travellers said they read pre-travel emails and more than a quarter (28%) of passengers say they always forget something when they pack, the poll found.


Some 40% of travellers described the airport as an important part of their holiday, with nearly a third of Brits arriving early.

However, French counterparts are the most likely to pop the breaks on with only one in five travellers leaving time to explore and make the most of the airports experience, versus 35% of US holidaymakers who like to get there early.

When it comes to preparing for travel, 55% of respondents said they always remember to check their emails from the airline before travel, and women are more likely to do this than men.

And around one in five (19%) travellers also admit to being unsure of which items they can pack in the checked baggage, versus their hand baggage.

Pauline Price, British Airways customer service agent, said: “Having worked at British Airways for nearly 18 years, I have seen every type of traveller head through the airport, from the ace who takes responsibility and knows where they are headed, to the airport autopilot who goes with the flow.

“We are always on hand to help, but to make it easier for customers, our expert travel teams at British Airways have pulled together a list of everything travellers need to prepare for their trip that can be found on our website and in our new pre-travel email. We can’t wait to welcome every type of traveller on board this summer.”
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