Spirit Airlines has unveiled its latest aircraft seats which are wider thanks to a new design that places them closer to the wall of the aircraft.

The new Vector Light seats and the Vector Premium product for the Big Front Seats, manufactured by HAECO Cabin Solutions, were officially unveiled at the APEX EXPO 2022 event in Long Beach, California.

Each Vector Light seat will be half an inch wider and include new, more comfortable features.

A320s updated

The redesigned interior will be installed on Spirit’s new aircraft deliveries starting in late January 2023. In total, 33 new A320 Family aircraft are planned for delivery throughout 2023.

The new seat technology unlocks previously unused space with a design that fits closer to the wall of the aircraft, creating an opportunity to increase seat width.

Spirit’s middle seats will continue to be an inch wider than aisle and window seats.

“Our cabin refresh in 2019 was a significant enhancement in the guest experience, and these new seats are another great step forward in increasing value for our guests. We’re adding new features while, at the same time, continuing to provide More Go with our same ultra-low fares,” said Lania Rittenhouse, VP of guest experience, brand, and communications for Spirit Airlines.
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