Space Perspective, a first carbon-neutral spaceflight experience company, has unveiled the first images of its completed test capsule structure.

The first to be designed for tourism flights under a SpaceBalloon, the spherical capsule, together with the reserve descent system and SpaceBalloon, make up the company’s innovative spacecraft called Spaceship Neptune.

The completed capsule will be flown as part of the company’s upcoming uncrewed test flights, which pave the way for crewed test flights later next year.

In 2021, Space Perspective successfully flew a capsule simulator to space under a SpaceBalloon; since then, its teams have been working on the design and manufacturing of the capsule to resume testing, which will include evaluating all corner cases and off-nominal scenarios to pass numerous safety gates.

Space Perspective’s test capsule is highly instrumented and represents what the company will be flying once commercially operational – minus the luxurious interior, which it calls the Space Lounge.

Data gathered during the upcoming uncrewed test flights will inform the development of a commercial-grade capsule.

Spaceship Neptune was developed to be the most accessible, most sustainable, and safest spacecraft on or above our planet.

Unlike all other spacecraft, where the crewed compartment separates from one flight system mid-flight and transfers to another flight system, Spaceship Neptune’s capsule remains secured to the SpaceBalloon during the entire flight from liftoff to splashdown, creating a seamless and safe flight – at a fraction of the cost of other space travel options.

Featuring the largest windows ever flown to space, the spacecraft, which accommodates eight Explorers and a Captain, will offer Explorers the quintessential astronaut experience of seeing Earth from the blackness of space.
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