DSEI 2023 saw a vast number of small and medium sized businesses showcasing the latest developments for the defence and security industry, and FINN caught up with a few leading innovators on the show floor.

First up was The Ortus Group, which was demonstrating various medical solutions including a mechanical CPR device. “The Corpuls CPR arm is a device that delivers mechanical CPR that you can tailor to the individual needs of the patient, from individual 1mm incremental depth changes to individual rate changes of chest compressions, and the ability to wirelessly connect that to your monitor and defibrillator,” said Hugh Whitaker, business development executive at The Ortus Group.

FINN also caught up with Ollie Charmichael from Adarga, which was launching its Vantage information intelligence product at DSEI. “Vantage supercharges the analysis and research of vast volumes of information, ultimately making the job easier for intelligence analysts and generalist alike,” he explained.

Bertin Environics was also on hand to demonstrate its ChemPro X handheld chemical detector. “It classifies and gives an early warning for chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals,” commented Matleena Marttinen, marketing manager. “It has in-built training features and connectivity which is unique for this kind of product.”

Andy Newell, product and operations specialist at Exensor Technology showed FINN the company’s seismic and acoustic senor which detects people, vehicles, helicopters from up to 5km away and digging. He also demonstrated the company’s surveyor device which can record vehicle signatures. “You can put them in a database and then the next time that vehicle goes past it will give you speed, direction and with a percentage of accuracy which type of vehicle it is, which we don’t think anyone else has in the world.”

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