A new application is promising to use blockchain to mitigate challenges and risks around the tracking, authentication and verification of parts in the aviation supply chain.

The 3IPK app is built on the DECENT open source blockchain platform, DCore. The 3IPK project is focused on using blockchain to automate certification control, airworthiness, and supply chain and maintenance processes for the aerospace, automotive, defence and nuclear sectors.

Cutting cost and time

According to 3IPK’s CEO, Maria Capova, issues often arise when parts from deep supply chains are sourced from all around the world. Ensuring they comply with stringent regulation processes and avoiding potentially risky material authentications can result in large overhead costs, she notes.

Matej Michalko, founder and CEO of DECENT, also highlights that this issue causes time constraints, with “weak traceability output”. It may even become a safety hazard if the authentication and verification processes are not enforced strictly enough, he says.

3PIK’s app uses a feature called ‘smart dust’ fingerprinting to secure real-time tracking, allowing producers to keep track of all parts moving through the supply chain. DECENT and 3IPK claim that this will result in an efficiency increase, eliminating unnecessary costs and ensuring transparency and safety.

Coming soon

In addition, by implementing certification originality control, 3IPK aims to offer aviation suppliers a set of ‘rules’ to accelerate payment and settle processes for the supply chain, making them much safer.

Using DECENT’s latest version of DCore, which can process more than 2,000 transactions per second, 3IPK says it plans to implement a complex supplier management system for the aviation industry “as soon as possible”.

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