SkyFive, a leader in inflight connectivity solutions, has announced a 10-year partnership with Kontron, a global leader in embedded computing technology.

This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone in enhancing in-flight connectivity for SkyFive customers.

As part of this partnership, SkyFive AG will leverage Kontron’s certified avionics products including the current Ace Flight 4608 avionics server and Cab-n-Connect A200 CWAP and upcoming Ace Flight 4609 avionics server and Cab-n-Connect A300 CWAP, to deliver connectivity to airline and business aviation passengers.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Kontron to revolutionise the in-flight connectivity experience,” said Alois Sanktjohanser, VP Sales at SkyFive.

“This partnership reflects our commitment to providing our customers with seamless and high-speed connectivity solutions that enhance their inflight experience.”

Kontron’s Ace Flight 4608 avionics server and Cab-n-Connect A200 CWAP and subsequent products, are designed to meet the demands of the aviation industry offering robustness, scalability, and flexibility.

By integrating these solutions into its in-flight connectivity offerings, SkyFive AG aims to provide airlines with a competitive edge and passengers with an unparalleled connectivity experience.

“Having experienced the performance of the A2G system, I am incredibly excited to partner with SkyFive AG to deliver advanced in-flight connectivity solutions to the aviation industry. SkyFive’s insight into the needs of the end customer can only result in great benefits for Kontron in our development of future products,” said Jon Moseley, VP of Business Development for Avionics at Kontron.

“There is no doubt this is the time of connectivity and we are delighted SkyFive has put their trust in us to help them achieve their goals.”
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