Japanese eVTOL manufacturer SkyDrive Inc and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) have announced a joint research project into noise reduction technologies for eVTOL aircraft.

SkyDrive will now work with JAXA at its wind tunnel test facility in Japan to test and evaluate the noise levels of its eVTOL aircraft and utilise JAXA’ technology to make any necessary reductions.

Nobou Kishi, chief technology officer at SkyDrive, explained, “We are very pleased to conduct this joint research with JAXA that focuses on noise reduction of eVTOLs. We will use the data acquired through the research by using JAXA’s existing noise source identification technology to take us through the major step to developing the flying cars that society needs.”

The two companies will undertake several tests including a rotor/scaled full-aircraft model wind tunnel test, an actual rotor/full-size aircraft noise detection test, external noise estimations and the identification of technical issues for future aircraft. They will then establish a technology roadmap for the future of eVTOL aircraft.

SkyDrive hopes to complete the tests ahead of the Advanced Air Mobility ‘Smart Mobility Expo’ project at Expo 2025 in Osaka, Japan where it will fly its SKYDRIVE aircraft to demonstrate the viability of eVTOL for daily transportation needs.

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