Six Lufthansa Boeing 747s are stuck at Twente Airport in The Netherlands after a regulatory change deemed the planes as too large to take off

The Boeing 747s have been parked at the airport since the summer. The first two planes landed at Twente at the beginning of June, with the last of the six arriving on July 24. At the time, Twente was one of the few airports where there was still space to park such large planes.

Lufthansa had been preparing to scrap the planes, which are around 20 years old, at a different location to Twente. The airline had hoped to move them this week but the country’s Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate has reportedly issued an interim permit change preventing 747s from taking off at the airport.

Too heavy for take off

Although 747s can land at the airport and be dismantled there, the six Boeing 747-400’s are stuck there after being deemed too heavy to take off from the regional airport, as the infrastructure and departure procedures have not been approved for wide-body operations.

Twente Airport has been working for some time to adjust the safety certificate, but the airport has not yet met the necessary conditions. It is not clear how long this could possibly take place.

Legal proceeding have been initiated to allow the planes to leave.


Image: Twente Airport Twitter


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