SITA eWAS is now deployed across all Swiss International Air Lines’ (SWISS) fleet to enable its pilots to anticipate and avoid adverse weather conditions, like turbulence.

SITA eWAS is the only digital weather awareness application on the market today that aggregates multiple weather sources for greater accuracy and reliability in weather forecasts.

More and more airlines are opting for electronic weather awareness solutions to help pilots better plan and avoid severe weather.

Avoiding adverse weather conditions like turbulence maximises safety on board, demonstrating the importance of real-time weather information and turbulence detection in-flight.

Today’s onboard weather radar cannot detect clear-air turbulence. The turbulence forecast in the weather charts used today in aviation are not detailed or precise when it comes to time (temporally) and space (spatially).

SITA eWAS solution

The SITA eWAS solution provides airlines like SWISS with greater reliability and accuracy in turbulence forecasting.

It contains a high-resolution turbulence forecast from Germany’s meteorological service, Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD), among many other weather sources and products. SITA eWAS also displays real-time turbulence measurements from other aircraft worldwide, similar to road traffic congestion reporting for street maps.

IATA (International Air Transport Association) aggregates this turbulence measurement data with measurements also taken from SWISS aircraft.

The application’s multi-feed weather is displayed to pilots on a user-friendly interface with high-resolution 4D weather forecasts, enabling them to visualise flight plans over weather conditions in real-time. Equipping pilots with this advanced and comprehensive picture of weather enhances their ability to detect clear-air turbulence and empowers them to adapt their flight paths if needed. This means safer and more comfortable flights and reduces the risk of weather disruption.

Stefan-Kenan Scheib, head of flight operations at SWISS: “We have selected SITA eWAS because the application provides an advanced and comprehensive view of the weather situation – both during flight planning as well as mid-flight. We are pleased that we can create a more precise data situation for our cockpit crew and further increase flight safety and comfort for our passengers as a result.”

Yann Cabaret, CEO, SITA FOR AIRCRAFT, said: “With solutions like SITA eWAS equipping pilots to mitigate turbulence, SWISS can spend more time flying and less time dealing with disruptions.”
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