Textron Aviation has announced the first flight of its second Beechcraft Denali flight test aircraft, as momentum builds for its certification.

The flight follows the Denali prototype, which completed its first flight in November 2021.

The flight of the Beechcraft Denali, which is designed and manufactured by Textron Aviation, lasted two hours and one minute, reaching a max altitude of 15,500 feet with a max speed of 240 ktas. To date, the programme has accumulated more than 250 flight hours.

Avionics, cabin environment and ice protection

“This flight is another vitally important step for the Beechcraft Denali programme as the aircraft will be used primarily for testing aircraft systems like avionics, cabin environmental control and ice protection,” said Chris Hearne, senior vice president, Engineering & Programmes.

“The team has made great progress, accomplishing key goals in the flight test programme, and the Denali team heads into the second half of 2022 with a great deal of momentum.”

The Denali flight test certification programme is expected to eventually include a third flight test airframe and three full airframe ground test aircraft as it expands operational goals focusing on testing aircraft systems, engine, avionics and overall performance.

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