The Air League and Sustainable Aviation have launched the search for implementable solutions to meet emissions targets for 2050 with the launch of the Innovators’ Global Challenge 2022 – Net Zero Aviation.

The Challenge is now open for entry to all university undergraduate and postgraduate students and apprentices worldwide over the age of 18. The search is on for teams and individuals to provide innovative solutions to match the pioneering days of early flight or creation of the jet engine for a sustainable, net zero future for aviation by 2050. The competition offers the winner a first prize opportunity to take flight and launch their product/company directly to industry at global sustainability conferences in Autumn 2022 and Spring 2023.

Finalists will be provided with mentorship for proposals

Successful shortlisted second round teams/individuals, will be provided with advice directly from industry experts on how to build and develop their concept and proposals ready for final submission. Six finalists will be provided with mentorship in getting their proposal and themselves pitch ready for the final judging panel at Farnborough International Airshow on Thursday 21st July 2022.

First round entry is now open at the Air League’s website with a closing date of May 11, 2022. The Air League challenges perceptions of aviation and aerospace and breaks down the perceived barriers of entry into the industry. The organisation was founded in 1909 at the dawn of early flight.

“International collaboration sparks innovation”

Caroline Smith, Chief Operating officer of the Air League said. “International collaboration sparks innovation. We need a rapid implementation of new thinking and talent to break through. A global platform is needed – the inaugural Innovators’ Global Challenge 2022 – Net Zero Aviation, aims to provide this. This year’s competition tackles Net Zero Aviation. We want to support our young innovators and our aviation industry to flourish together and meet this challenge. “

Partnering this innovative competition is industry body Sustainable Aviation. Programme Director Dr Andy Jefferson said: “Sustainable Aviation is proud to support the Innovators’ Global Challenge. Delivering low and zero carbon flight is one of the great, urgent challenges of our time. It will require innovation to match the pioneering days of early flight or creation of the jet engine. A sustainable, net zero future for aviation is however within our grasp, and through the efforts and ideas of young innovators around the world, we are confident that the great benefits of aviation can be secured for generations to come.”

Innovative solutions will enable “truly sustainable aviation”

Jonathon Counsell, Chair of the Judging Panel, added: “We are very excited about this challenge as there are so many potential technologies to enable our industry to achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2050 so we believe this will provide a fantastic opportunity to find even more innovative solutions to enable us to achieve truly sustainable aviation.”

In addition to the Air League and Sustainable Aviation the competition is supported by the UK’s Military – RAF, Civil Aviation – IAG International Airlines Group, Department for Transport, Farnborough International, Transport and Environment amongst others.

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