Image: Saudia

Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) continues to implement its operational plan for Summer 2023 by providing over 7.4 million seats for domestic and international routes during July and August, a 10% increase compared to the same period in 2022.

The airline will operate more than 32,400 flights, reflecting a 4% increase. These measures aim to meet high demand during peak seasons and ensure smooth operations, efficient reservations for scheduled and seasonal destinations, and streamlined processes at airports.

For international flights, Saudia is providing more than 4.2 million seats, achieving a 16% increase. Additionally, the airline is introducing over 14,800 flights, reflecting a 15% increase. On domestic routes, over 3.2 million seats will be available through 17,600 flights. The operational plan for the summer of 2023 is continuously monitored by dedicated teams to evaluate its performance.

Captain Ibrahim Koshy, CEO of Saudia, emphasised the airline’s extensive experience in managing operations throughout the year, especially during peak seasons. The plan includes increasing flights, seat capacity, and introducing seasonal destinations to meet guests’ needs while providing excellent services.


Koshy also acknowledged the various challenges in the aviation industry. One upcoming challenge is managing the departure of Hajj pilgrims from Makkah. The airline has implemented comprehensive procedures and prepared the necessary facilities to ensure a successful summer season and Hajj pilgrimage. Saudia relies on its young fleet and dedicated team from Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries (SAEI) to maintain on-time performance of the aircraft.

Earlier this year, Saudia Group announced the addition of 25 new international destinations, expanding its network to over 100 destinations. This expansion aims to provide more options for travelers and to connect the world with Saudi Arabia. As part of the global SkyTeam alliance, guests can access 1,000 destinations in 170 countries and enjoy over 790 first-class and business-class lounges worldwide.

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