Satcom Direct (SD) has completed the next phase of terrestrial expansion to its global private network.

The global satellite solutions provider has enhanced individual Points of Presence (PoPs) and upgraded its global network to strengthen ground infrastructure and augment redundancy, supporting the increasing connectivity needs of its customers. The update includes expansion into the Asia Pacific region to provide additional connectivity options for customers and complements existing PoPs in North America and Europe.

ISP for global business aviation, military and government customers

The enhanced terrestrial network enables SD to deliver greater flexibility as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) for its business aviation, military and government customers operating around the world. The measures will further strengthen the company’s global infrastructure which incorporates the award-winning COMSAT Tier 4 certified east and west coast US-located teleports.

COMSAT, which is part of the Satcom Direct family of companies, collaborates with the Melbourne, Florida-located Tier III rated, ISO 27001 certified SD Data Center to support delivery of a suite of cybersecurity solutions which maintain customer data integrity. Customers can also access cloud services and cloud service providers via the terrestrial network and SD Data Center customers can use the teleports as a bridge for both legacy and new network technologies.

SD is adapting its services, infrastructure, and support to better facilitate individual customer IT compliance standards. This includes creating tailored network solutions that meet the requirements of SDs unique customer base and supports working with global carriers to optimise network routes and increase redundancy.

“Resilient high-speed connectivity is essential”

SD founder and CEO, Jim Jensen said:“For our customers, who are often operating in mission-critical environments, resilient high-speed connectivity is essential, which is why we’ve made these investments. With the latest upgrades we are delivering enhanced services, applying value-added functionality through accelerated data transmission, enriching our network management, and most importantly keeping our customer data secure.”

This latest infrastructure upgrade follows recent physical antenna upgrades at the COMSAT teleports which bolstered capacity across its entire network. “SD delivers a progressive, advanced and interconnected global terrestrial network that supports more satellite constellation providers, and customers, than any other independently owned network. Our strategy is focused on our customers ensuring our satellite partners in orbit and our connectivity customers on the ground remain seamlessly and safely connected at all times,” concludes Jensen.

Image: COMSAT teleports form an essential part of the SD terrestrial infrastructure network

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