Satcom Direct Avionics, the Canadian division of Satcom Direct (SD), has won a bid to deliver multi-band aeronautical connectivity services for Shared Services Canada (SSC) for up to seven years.

SSC delivers digital services to Government of Canada organisations, providing secure and reliable IT services so they can deliver digital programmes and services.

The deal with Satcom Direct Avionics represents the first signing of such an agreement between the two entities, which will see SD Avionics provide secured high-speed broadband and datalink services, hardware, hosting, and infrastructure services to support global aeronautical missions for SSC and other federal Canadian government bodies.

The deal will be supported by value-added services, including training and customer support, as well as regular upgrades of the technology.

Through SSC, Canadian government users will benefit from easy ordering access to quickly establish worldwide connectivity delivered through multiple band airtime services, including Ka, Ku, and L-band options.

High-speed broadband connectivity

The aggregated group of services and optimisation of multi-orbit capabilities will ensure SD facilitates enhanced high-speed broadband connectivity solutions to provide airborne users with seamless, continuous, and reliable worldwide mobile connectivity.

The aeronautical services will be supported by SD’s comprehensive terrestrial network to ensure appropriately secured transmission of all SSC customers’ data from aircraft to the Canadian federal government specified locations.

Combined, the services will ensure always-on global connectivity, even in the most geographically challenging environments.

GEO, LEO and HEO satellites

“We have an extensive understanding of how connectivity is used by these customers, who are often operating critical missions in extreme environments,” said Joanne Walker, general manager for Satcom Direct Avionics.

“With an agnostic approach to technology and partners, we already deliver multi-orbit connectivity services that optimise the combination of GEO, LEO and HEO satellites.

“This in-depth knowledge, expertise, and proven capability of managing requirements and exceeding expectations, even in the most difficult of circumstances, has enabled SD to win this contract.

“Our team worked extremely hard to win this contract, and we are looking forward to developing our relationship with the Canadian government.”
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