At the NBAA trade show in Orlando this week, Safran presented the first electric motor from its ENGINeUS range, designed for future hybrid and electric aircraft.

The ENGINeUS 45 motor has a continuous power of 45kW. It has built-in, dedicated control electronics with an energy-efficiency of over 94%, Safran says. It also has a power-to-weight ratio of 2.5kW / kg at 2,500rpm.

The ENGINeUS product line will eventually include a range of electric motors with a power output of up to 500kW.

The motor on display at NBAA has been tested and validated on Safran’s electrical integration benches to verify its performance. Safran has also tested four of these electric motors on the ground on a full distributed propulsion hybrid-electric system, which reflects the demands of hybrid and electric aircraft.

The motor technology optimises the electrical architecture by consolidating several key conversion, control and battery interface functions. Its mechanical and structural characteristics are also perfectly suited to aircraft structures.

Hervé Blanc, Vice President & General Manager of the electrical systems and motors division at Safran Electrical & Power, said: “We are proud to present this cutting-edge equipment that boasts top-level aeronautical performance from an electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical perspective. With this range of engines, we are making a major strategic shift towards the development of VTOL and STOL aircraft, thus opening up promising new markets for Safran.”

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