Rolls-Royce is marking the start of June, which kicks off Pride month, with a series of events and across the world.

The company said it was committed to “championing individuality and inclusion to create a working environment where everyone belongs and can be at their best. That’s why we’re celebrating Pride and our LGBTQ+ colleagues across Rolls-Royce globally.”

In Indianapolis, the Rolls-Royce North American LGBTQ+ inclusion network, Propel with Pride, is kicking off the month by raising the Pride flag outside their facility on the 1st of June.

Nick Burger, Chair of Propel with Pride since the end of 2022, alongside his role as Supplier Quality Manager, Control Systems said: “Here in the US, Pride Month is an excellent way to celebrate and remember our community and give ourselves visibility, but also reflect on the things that still need to change.

“We’re planning some shared virtual events with our UK inclusion network, Prism to celebrate our bi and pan community, and hear from some of our trans colleagues about their personal experiences. We’ll also be joining the Indianapolis Pride Parade and enjoying happy hours and ‘Let’s Grab a Bite Together and Learn’ sessions throughout the month!”

Rolls-Royce virtual choir

Danni Ashford, Project Lead, Service Readiness has been on the Prism committee since joining the business in 2019.

“[It] is a great opportunity to spotlight our whole LGBTQ+ community coming together and highlight why it’s important to have pride and not feel as if you have to hide yourself in the workplace,” said Ashford.

“Over the month we’ll be holding loads of events about why it’s important that we still celebrate Pride today and sharing stories as a powerful way to connect with the community.”

Some 67 colleagues from 17 locations and nine countries from across the globe will come together for the formation of the Rolls-Royce virtual choir.
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