Robinson Helicopter Company, a leading manufacturer of civil helicopters, is celebrating the 45th anniversary of its iconic two-seat R22 helicopter.

On March 16, 1979, Robinson received FAA certification for the R22, which has been enshrined in the Smithsonian Museum since September 2004.

Many of the world’s rotorcraft pilots and flight schools begin their journeys in an R22.

From flight training to agricultural work, and wildlife management to surveying, Robinson helicopters have been used for a variety of missions.

With nearly 30 million hours flown globally (according to RHC estimates), the R22 has solidified its position as one of the best-selling civil rotorcrafts in the world. More than 80 R22s that are over 40 years old are still in service.

Robinson Helicopter is committed to supporting the growth and education of the global pilot community with a new limited-time incentive programme.

“Thanks to this helicopter, pilots around the globe fell in love with the feeling of flight and built decades-long careers in aviation from their first moments in an R22,” said David Smith, president and CEO of Robinson Helicopter Company.

“We are committed to fostering even more careers for the next generation of pilots by offering more opportunities to purchase and fly an R22.”Subscribe to the FINN weekly newsletter