Rhinestahl Corporation has entered into an agreement to acquire HYDRO Systems to create a combined business called RH Aero Systems, providing life cycle solutions including engine and airframe tooling, ground support equipment and engineered products and services along with asset management and sustainment. RH Aero Systems promises a local services presence including onsite technical expertise and assistance for OEMs, MROs, and operators worldwide.

The acquisition brings together Rhinestahl’s position in the GE and CFM tooling market and HYDRO’s position in the Rolls-Royce tooling market.

“When you take Rhinestahl which is #1 in GE and CFM OEM-approved engine tooling, customer responsiveness, large shop experience and onsite technical support and combine it with HYDRO which is #1 in Rolls-Royce OEM-approved engine tooling, innovative engineered products, Airbus and Boeing airframe tooling, precision manufacturing expertise and global support services, you are creating the world-class leader uniquely positioned to serve the growing demands of OEMs, MROs and Operators around the world,” stated Thomas Elsner, CEO of HYDRO. “The synergies between these two industry leaders will fundamentally shift what the market can expect from a one-stop-shop solution provider.”

“These synergies are holistic, providing new and upgraded support and services where the sum is so much greater than the simple sum of the two parts,” stated Dieter Moeller, CEO and President of Rhinestahl.

As the two companies integrate, RH Aero Systems will continue working through its strong operating businesses of Rhinestahl and HYDRO. Customers of both Rhinestahl and HYDRO will continue conducting business, without interruption, working with their current teams, yet will immediately have access to the full scope of the synergies provided by the combined businesses. RH Aero Systems’ global headquarters will be in Mason, Ohio, USA, while Rhinestahl and HYDRO’s headquarters will remain in the USA and Germany, respectively.

As privately held companies, the financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
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