RHEA Group is using concurrent design and satellite automation to help their customers get their space systems “right first time”.

The company provides engineering solutions, system development and security services for space, government, defence and other CNI organisations. RHEA Group develops solutions that help drive organisational and cultural initiatives.

RHEA sponsored the inaugural Space-Comm Expo event at Farnborough which showcased the manufacturing supply chain for products, services and solutions supplying commercial enterprises and developments in space.

Alistair Pidgeon, Director Business Development and Projects from RHEA Group explained how the company could help those with their space aspirations. “RHEA can help the new space industry in a number of ways. First of all, we’ve got concurrent design expertise, so concurrent design helps people collaboratively work together to improve their space systems to improve the requirements for them and improve the design of the space system very early on before they actually start spending a lot of money to actually build the system. So it’s trying to help them get it right first time.”

Automating satellite operations

“We’re also working with the new space industry on controlling new space satellites so we can build ground systems to help automate the operation of those satellites, especially during critical phases and to minimise the cost of operating the satellites over over long duration mission which so the cost of a mission is more than just building the satellite – we’ve got to actually operate it for many years in many cases and that is expensive. Then finally, we can also help those new space companies in terms of processing data that they get from the satellites doing analytics doing artificial intelligence to extract information out of the data that they can either sell to their customers or the customers can action on that information.”

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