Reliable Robotics, a leader in safety-enhancing aircraft automation systems, has received FAA approval for its certification plan. The company’s autonomous flight system enables continuous autopilot engagement through all phases of aircraft operation including taxi, takeoff and landing.

The certification plan leverages existing regulations for normal and transport category aircraft, and does not require any special conditions or exemptions. “This agreement concludes many years of effort with the FAA to rigorously determine how autonomous systems will be integrated into aircraft,” said Juerg Frefel, co-founder and CTO of Reliable Robotics. “Working within current rules enables us – and the FAA – to move faster and continue to improve the high levels of safety we have come to expect in aviation.”

Reliable’s autonomous aircraft system, recently demonstrated as part of US Air Force and NASA flight test campaigns, includes key technologies that will prevent common causes of aviation accidents and improve operational efficiency. High integrity navigation systems make it possible to safely fly in lower visibility weather conditions without costly ground infrastructure. An ‘always on’ autopilot also enables any aircraft to be remotely piloted with continuous engagement from departure gate to arrival gate.

“Reliable is the only company that has reached this critical point, positioning them as the clear front-runner in the FAA certification process for autonomous aircraft,” said Eric Schulz, former Rolls-Royce and Airbus executive. “Reliable’s automation system will make aviation even safer and provide more affordable air transportation for cargo and passengers anytime, anywhere.”

Robert Rose, Co-founder and CEO at Reliable Robotics, added, “We are incredibly grateful to our FAA partners for their engagement and thorough review of this system, and are excited about the safety benefits this technology will bring to aviation. Autonomy can and will be certified in the very near future, and this milestone is evidence that the USA and the FAA are going to be leading the way.”

Image: Business Wire

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