California-based wildfire suppression system maker Recoil Aerospace claims US Federal Aviation Administration final approval is nearing for the Supplemental Type Certificate of its T1000-E Wildfire 1,000-gallon external carbon fibre “Tsunami” tank, designed for belly-mounting to a range of popular helicopters. Pictured is a T1000-E fitted fitted to a Eurocopter AS 332L Super Puma operated by Precision Helicopters.

Recoil describes the T1000-E as “a leap forward in aerial firefighting capabilities, offering enhanced performance, efficiency, and reliability in wildfire suppression operations…[for] extended firefighting operations without frequent refills.”

Capacity is 3,785l/1,000 USgal, with a refill time of 35-40s and drop time of just 5s. The systems weighs just 250kg.Subscribe to the FINN weekly newsletter