RAS Interiors has developed an interior screen product which it hopes will bring back passenger confidence by offering enhanced protection.

The Biggin Hill based interiors designer and manufacturer, which is part of RAS Completions, has developed a Passenger Protection Window which will enable airlines to use the middle seat.

Roger Patron, Business Development Manager at RAS Completions, explained the screen would be complementary to passengers wearing facemask as it would offer more protection against side evacuation of droplets.

He added: “It was an idea from our co founder, Russell Pitt, who saw an opportunity to design and manufacture a product that would keep aircraft flying, and allow the ability to use the middle seat on all commercial aircraft on all economy type of seats.”

Quick to fit and clean between flights

Patron said screens would be sanitised between flights in a process which would take just seconds per unit. He added they were screens were quick to fit, taking an average of under two minutes per seat place.

The screens are already being used on 10 aircraft within a central European airline. Patron added: “We see this as an enhancement to get commercial aircraft flying again.”

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