Qatar is hosting the first International Forum for Autonomous e-Mobility organised by Just us an d Otto Marketing Services from 10-12 October, 2023.

The event, which will be hosted in Doha over three days, will shed light on latest trends and innovations in sustainable transport solutions.


It will also provide a leading platform for exchanging experiences, ideas and enriching discussions on developments in the field of electric transport and self-driving mobility, a topic of local and global importance.

The forum will bring together industry leaders, policy makers, senior officials, expert speakers, and representatives of ministries, government institutions, private sector companies, academic institutions, and the media, as well as hundreds of attendees.

It will be an opportunity for concerned international parties to enhance knowledge, explore opportunities for cooperation and partnerships, and formulate recommendations on the future application of electric and autonomous vehicles in real-world settings.

Electric vehicles

Hamad Issa Abdullah, at the Ministry of Transport, said: “For many years, electric transport vehicles have been a main focus in the efforts of governments and the visions of manufacturing companies within the wider context of sustainability and diversification of energy sources.

“The State of Qatar seeks to bring about transformative movement in the transportation sector by investing in sustainable and smart mobility, and improving energy efficiency to achieve the goals of the Qatar National Vision in line with global efforts to reduce the harmful carbon emissions from conventional vehicles.”

Hamad Issa added: “The State has advanced in implementing more environmentally friendly, sustainable transportation plans, as the Ministry of Transport, in cooperation with the relevant authorities, is implementing a strategy of gradual transformation to electric buses, aiming to convert all public transport buses to work with electric energy by the year 2030, along with establishing the facilities that serve this transformation. Moreover, The Ministry is working on developing a comprehensive strategy for regulating self-driving vehicles in the State of Qatar.”
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