Pyka, manufacturer of autonomous electric aircraft for crop protection and cargo delivery, has secured a 110,000 square foot corporate headquarters and production facility in the historic Alameda Naval Air Station, now known as Alameda Point, in the city of Alameda, CA.

Formerly a critical hub for United States naval air operations during World War II, Pyka will utilise the massive, mixed-use office and production space at 950 West Tower Avenue to design, develop, and manufacture autonomous electric aircraft at scale.

The Silicon Valley startup, who secured $37m in Series A funding in 2022, will join a neighbourhood hub of innovative leaders in green technology solutions, energy storage, and advanced hardware robotics such as Saildrone, Amber Kinetics, Natel Energy, and Rain Aero.

“We are proud to support Pyka’s expansion to Alameda Point with a California Competes Tax Credit to scale manufacturing and operations in California,” said Dee Dee Myers, Senior Advisor to Governor Newsom and Director of GO-Biz.

“The company is creating substantial job opportunities in green energy technology and helping to electrify the aviation sector.”

Founded in 2017 in CEO Michael Norcia’s parents’ backyard, Pyka has launched operations on three separate continents, has secured industry-first regulatory approvals from the Federal Aviation Administration, and is well underway on its mission to improve safety and eliminate mobile emissions in the aviation sector.

Pyka’s leadership and employees are delighted to join the Alameda Point community and are eager to welcome new team members to scale its engineering, manufacturing, assembly, logistics, business development and operations, maintenance, and facilities operations.

“Pyka has an extremely supportive and welcoming company culture,” said Chuma Ogunwole, Chief Operating Officer at Pyka. “Each team member brings a high level of competence and humility. Our team is incredibly diverse, and we have a shared enthusiasm for our mission that fosters a uniquely collaborative environment. We’re proud to call Alameda Point our new home and are looking forward to welcoming talented new members to our team.”

Pyka is grateful for the support expressed by the City of Alameda and the State of California. With renovation and installation work underway for a mid-2024 move-in date, the company has big plans for this year including a celebratory event for neighbours, partners, and community members, and stakeholders.
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