Prométhée and HEMERIA have signed a contract for the supply of the first satellite for the JAPETUS Earth observation constellation. The contract also includes the supply of an additional 20 satellites after the launch of the first satellite, making Prométhée the first European operator capable of delivering real-time and highly responsive data and services.

Through this strategic alliance, Prométhée will have a sovereign Earth observation infrastructure, enabling it to meet the growing needs in environmental and climate intelligence, defense, and security, serving the protection of citizens and territories.

High precision data

JAPETUS will provide observation frequencies of less than an hour, with onboard-to-ground communication times of less than 15 minutes, through the number of satellites in orbit and an innovative interconnection system between constellations, while ensuring high precision in the delivered data and services.

The satellites provided by HEMERIA, weighing 50kg and based on the new HP-EOS platform, bring agility and pointing accuracy, enabling high-quality imaging. They will be equipped with high-resolution multispectral cameras manufactured by Safran.

Artificial intelligence is at the heart of the project, particularly onboard the satellites, to optimize decision-making responsiveness and overall system performance.

Strategic contract

“With HEMERIA designing and manufacturing the satellites, Cap Gemini developing the mission center, and CS Group providing the image production aggregation platform, we have brought together the best global partners in terms of space technologies and innovative industrial processes, allowing us to offer France and the export market a concentrated set of unique performance at a competitive cost,” commented Olivier Piepsz, President of Prométhée.

“We are very pleased with this strategic partnership with Prométhée, for at least three reasons. First, the technological ambition of JAPETUS perfectly aligns with ours: we aim to produce the world’s best satellites in the under 100kg class. Second, its economic ambition, by actively contributing to the excellence and growth of the European NewSpace sector. Finally, its societal ambition, by effectively contributing to the security and sustainability challenges of the planet,” added Philippe Gautier, President of HEMERIA.

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