Prime Jet, a global air charter operator offering a full range of personalised private aviation solutions, has announced the addition of an ERJ 145 aircraft to its growing fleet.

As part of their growth and product expansion initiative, this aircraft will provide business class air travel for large groups up to 30 passengers.

The unique 1×1 seating configuration will allow large groups comfort to go along with Prime Jet’s safety standards.

ERJ 145

The jet is ideal for collegiate and professional sports teams, weddings, and other large group charter.

“We are excited to bring on this new product for our customers and fill a need for large group travel,” Cheryl Janke, CEO of Prime Jet, said.

“While this is a new product for Prime Jet, our core values and standards remain the same as with our fleet of Gulfstream aircraft. Prime Jet remains committed to finding solutions for private air travel and finding a way to ‘Yes’ for our clients,” she added.

Bases of operation for the ERJ 145 will be similar to Prime Jet’s floating fleet of Gulfstreams: VNY, OPF, TEB, and TPA.

Embraer’s ERJ 145 is the largest member of the ERJ series. With and impressive safety track record, 20 years in operation, and over 26 million flight hours, the ERJ 145 is a proven runway legend. It cruises at 450 kts and has a range of 1550 nautical miles with 30 passengers on board.
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