Pratt & Whitney has announced the establishment of GatorWorks, a newly formed prototyping arm within the company that will focus on the rapid and agile development of lower cost military engines.

Pratt & Whitney GatorWorks’ objective is to deliver state-of-the-art engines in half the lead time and for half the cost of traditional procurement cycles.

Breaking internal barriers

GatorWorks will seek to “combine the efficiency, agility, and unconstrained boundaries of a small start-up, with the discipline and engineering rigour of the world’s leading propulsion company”.

The new unit incorporates a mix of cross-functional teams. The GatorWorks unit has been operational since early 2018, focused on a family of advanced products in development.

“The standard large engine development cycle is roughly 20 years. Our customers have asked for rapid innovation, technology development and new product introduction. GatorWorks is the answer,” said Matthew Bromberg, president of Pratt & Whitney Military Engines.

He added: “Pratt & Whitney GatorWorks will seek to leverage commercial enterprise capabilities in rapid prototyping, iterative design, procurement, and testing of cutting-edge products for our customers. We’ve created an environment where our best engineers can reach their potential with all the tools they need, but without the unnecessary internal barriers that can sometimes slow them down.”

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