FINN talks to Sameer A. Rehman, Managing Director, Africa and Middle East, Bell, about the Bell 429 and more.

Training for military and civil pilots is moving ever-closer and in many parts of the world, lines are blurred even further with commercial training organisations winning military contracts.

This has created opportunities for aircraft manufacturers – none more so than Bell whose helicopters are used across the world for both sectors.

Bell has over 500 aircraft operating in the Middle East, for example, across military and commercial platforms.

In the UAE, the Joint Operations Command uses the Bell 407 multi-role helicopter. The company also has aircraft in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Africa.

“Our brand is regional, as well as global,” Rehman said.

Bell 429

Rehman calls the Bell 429 a “ubiquitous aircraft” for training in the Middle East and around the globe.

“The 429 programme has achieved over 330,000 hours around the world with over 350 units delivered. We’re very proud of this aircraft. It’s probably the leading-edge light twin engine available in the market today,” he said.

The 429 is used by the Edic Horizon programme, based at Al Ain Airport, for example.

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