Phoenix East Aviation (PEA) has announced its selection of MzeroA Online Ground School (MzeroA) as the exclusive ground school provider for its Part 141 flight training courses.

“As a passionate advocate for pilot education and training excellence, I am excited to be teaming with MzeroA to improve our training curriculum. We are not only enhancing access to top-tier instructional resources and proven training techniques, but we are joining with the loyal members of the MzeroA Nation to share our dedication to elevating aviation education standards,” said Kristoffer Johnson, CEO and President of Phoenix East Aviation

“As the founder of MzeroA, I am thrilled to announce the launch of our Part 141 product during Sun N’ Fun. Our content and methods have been training pilots under Part 61 for many years and this week marks our entrance into Part 141 flight training by a major domestic and international flight school with a long history. This collaboration represents a fusion of two industry leaders dedicated to shaping the future of aviation education. Together, with Phoenix East Aviation, we are positioned to equip a new generation of pilots with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the dynamic world of aviation,” added Jason Schappert, Founder and President of MzeroA.
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