The business part of the 54th Paris Air Show draws to its close today, and Le Bourget steels itself for the French public to descend on the site for the weekend.

The return of the world’s largest aerospace event has been an undoubted success and gave the industry an opportunity to come together and address the issues that are dogging the recovery to 2019 levels

Sustainability credentials

There were plenty of technologies on show throughout the event to help overcome some of the challenges the industry is facing, such as workforce and sustainability issues. On the static park, the aircraft manufacturers were competing to push their sustainability credentials

“As we see new technology being developed to help sustainability reduce carbon emissions, we see most of those being introduced in smaller aircraft, which is the core of our job, so I think Embraer has a key role to paving a way to more sustainable aviation,” said Rodrigo Souza, VP of Marketing and Strategy at Embraer.

Event highlights

There was also a carbon-free aircraft that can load and unload up to 60 tons of payload without ever needing to land at Paris Air Show. The aptly named French-Canadian company Flying Whales is developing a helium aircraft dedicated solely to cargo transportation and able to access remote locations.

Some highlights from the FINN team included the urban air mobility on show in Hall 5, as well as the unveiling of the CASSIO 330 hybrid electric aircraft, powered by a Kawasaki motorbike engine, and of course the brilliant flight displays across the week-long event.

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