NordSpace has successfully tested its flight ready, regeneratively cooled, rocket engine (Hadfield-10).

NordSpace is a leading Canadian space technology company, building and launching orbital launch vehicles in Canada.

The Hadfield series of engines are the only commercial orbital-class liquid rocket engines being actively developed in Canada, designed to propel NordSpace’s launch vehicle, Tundra, to carry up to 500 kg to Low Earth Orbit (LEO).

The in-house additively manufactured Hadfield series of engines are uniquely designed to support multiple fuels alongside cryogenic oxidisers and in particular, environmentally friendly carbon neutral e-fuels.

The use of these fuels is an industry first approach and a major step forward towards sustainable access to space and green aviation.

Although significantly more complex in comparison to other propulsion technologies, liquid bipropellant rocket engines promise far greater performance, precision, and reliability.

“By enabling commercial space launch from Canada, we are creating the conditions for a vibrant and growing space sector, including an opportunity to create thousands of more jobs, which will make us more competitive internationally and more resilient at home,” said François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science, and Industry.

The next and final series of tests to qualify the Hadfield-10 for flight are scheduled for the coming days, and will mark the completion of NordSpace’s test program for the engine.

The following months will involve integration of the engine into the full assembly of NordSpace’s Taiga suborbital launch vehicle designed to cross the 100 km Karman line, achieving many firsts for Canada.
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