Image: Bose

Bose, the leader in premium aviation headset technology, has unveiled its latest innovation: the new A30 Aviation Headset.

The A30 is an entirely new product, designed to bring pilots the ‘best combination’ of comfort, noise cancellation and audio clarity of any aviation headset on the market.

Bose engineers designed the A30 as a completely new platform supported by a modern architecture, inspired by decades of research and pilot input. The A30 features reduced clamping force for comfort, improved clarity and a new digital active noise reduction system that enables three modes of user selectable noise cancellation for use in different flight environments – a first for around-ear aviation headsets.

Pilot feedback

“When we asked pilots what improvement was most important to them, their overwhelming response was comfort,” said Matt Ruwe, a pilot and senior product manager for Bose. “We took that seriously and developed a new balance in the A30 with noticeably more comfort while maintaining and enhancing headset performance. The changes amplify the experience for our core A20 users while appealing to a broader range of pilots.”

The new A30 is the latest addition to the Bose aviation headset lineup which also includes the ProFlight Series 2, a specialised in-ear aviation headset designed specifically for jet pilots.

“Nearly 13 years after its launch, improving upon the A20 was no small feat,” said Hratch Astarjian, manager, Global Aviation & Military Sales & Service at Bose. “Pilots will find everything they love about the A20 and more in the new A30.”

Pilots across general aviation, business aviation and commercial aviation flew with the headset and provided valuable feedback that shaped the final product. The result is a headset developed and engineered to perform in high-intensity flight environments.

“The A30 is a combination of what we know works incredibly well with A20 as well as what customers have asked for in a new headset,” said Ruwe. “In addition, we considered how this headset could meet customers’ needs well into the future.”

Greg Delp, a pilot with 35 years of flying experience and a professional pilot with Boeing 737 and Gulfstream type ratings, flew with the headset across multiple aircraft platforms.

“After using the A30 in the quieter cockpits of the most modern business jets as well as louder environments found in piston aircraft, I can say that Bose has once again set the standard for all other aviation headsets,” he said. “The enhancements found in the A30 add up to superior comfort for even the longest intercontinental flights.”

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