NASA has unveiled its first on-demand streaming service, ushering in a new world of original content from the space agency.

These new digital platforms are the landing place of original video series and live launch coverage, as well as the latest updates as NASA continues to improve life on Earth through innovation, exploration, and discovery.

“NASA is a leader in the federal government for creating inspirational content that meets people where they are,” said NASA Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy.

“I am excited we have created a powerful trifecta with the recently revamped NASA website, the launch of NASA+, and the updated NASA App that showcases the many benefits our data can have for all humanity.”

NASA streaming platform

These platforms are part of an effort to ensure agency content is more accessible, discoverable, and secure for the public.

Earlier this year, NASA launched its revamped and websites, creating a new homebase for research, climate data and Artemis information.

“NASA’s new streaming platform and app are where the world can join us as we explore the unknown,” said Marc Etkind, associate administrator, Office of Communications, NASA Headquarters.

“NASA is the catalyst behind some of humanity’s greatest stories; and now, with our new digital presence, everyone will have access to these stories 24/7.”
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