Mira Aerospace has successfully delivered 5G connectivity from its ApusDuo solar aircraft in the stratosphere.

The company conducted a trial in Rwandan airspace with partners Bayanat and UAVOS, proving the capabilities of its fixed-wing HAPS (high altitude pseudo satellite) autonomous aircraft for providing 5G connectivity.

According to Zawya, the stratosphere-ready communications payload continuously delivered 5G connectivity for approximately 73 minutes in the stratosphere during the stratospheric flight.

A standard 5G smartphone was used for the world’s first 5G Zoom call during the test.

Commenting on the successful trial, Mira stated, “Our team is excited to announce that our ApusDuo aircraft achieved the world’s first successful delivery of 5G connectivity from a fixed-wing HAPS (high-altitude pseudo satellite) aircraft in the stratosphere last month. Reaching a maximum flight altitude of 16.9 km, our stratosphere-ready communications payload delivered Rwanda’s first 5G-enabled Zoom video call.”

The company has previously trialled the ApusDuo in Rwanda, conducting a stratospheric flight test with a dummy version of the payload in June 2023.

About Mira Aerospce

Mira Aerospace is a joint venture between Bayanat AI and UAVOS based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The company combines Bayanat’s Geospatial AI experience with UAVOS expertise in developing unmanned solutions.

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