Defence and security technology specialist MARSS has unveiled its new portable UAS countermeasure at DSEI.

With a smaller size and lighter weight than its larger sibling, the newly launched Interceptor-SR (Short Range) is designed for vehicle and personnel drone protection.

The portable equipment is an AI-enabled autonomous UAS designed to neutralise hostile drones.

‘Hostile drones are adapting to the battlefield’

Stephen Scott, head of research and development for defence at MARSS, said: “We developed the Interceptor-SR in direct response to customer demand.

“When we launched the Interceptor at the inaugural World Defense Show last year, many customers commented on the need for a portable CUAS solution that mounted and dismounted infantry could successfully use to defeat category 1 threats at shorter ranges.”

He added: “Interceptor-SR is our answer – a mobile solution that’s half the size of our larger Interceptor model, but offers many of the same features. Hostile drones are adapting to the battlefield on a weekly basis, and their proliferation will continue beyond current conflicts.

“We’re always pushing hard to stay ahead of the threat and develop capability in an agile and responsive way for our end users. Interceptor-SR compliments the larger Interceptor and offers another air defence layer to protect against these evolving drone threats.”

MARSS Interceptor

The larger MARSS Interceptor was launched in 2022. This new portable solution, unveiled at DSEI taking place this week in London, can be used on the battlefield to neutralise CAT1 drones at distances exceeding 1km.

Combined with NiDAR C2 and sensors onboard the vehicle acting as detector, the Interceptor-SR is launched by the push of a button.

Once airborne, it uses an onboard thermal sensor to autonomously track the hostile UAV and neutralise it using kinetic energy.

MARSS’ Interceptor-SR provides a safe approach to defeat drones that can be deployed in both military and civil operations, for example protecting airports or energy infrastructure.

Scott added: “The Interceptor-SR is a unique, portable solution, unlike anything else on the market, so we’re anticipating strong demand, especially given the unfortunate proliferation of drone attacks in the Ukraine conflict.”
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